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Ruvik39s beautiful eyes Ruvik t Beautiful eyes Video

Ruvik39s beautiful eyes Ruvik t Beautiful eyes Video


At of all the horror game antagonists, Ruvik is definitely one of my favorites.

Ruvik's beautiful eyes


Laura Victoriano - Ruvik's beautiful, generous sister; the only one who understood him. In life she preferred to wear red.


I have come to realise I haven't posted any art in a long long time, so here's some The Evil Within 2 fanart… I spent… a long time on this…

Leslie Withers

She's stupid gorgeous




art, Ruvik, Sebastian, LOL


Find this Pin and more on Gaming by Emilee Charles.

The Evil Within 2: Stefano Boss Fight (4K 60fps)



I am always watching you...so you should watch your back...my father hired someone to keep an eye on you..he would do anything for his kids and grandkids.

Laura from the evil within

Leslie #evil #within

ruvik-haunting-eyes: “illona-minds: “ My god… O///O You're so beautiful, and sexy, and… *faints * ” *faints with you* ”

Sebastian Castellanos & Ruben Victoriano (Ruvik) || The Evil Within

When Ruvik joined Mobius #theevilwithin (basically lol)


Cyborg Eye, Character Reference, Character Design, Teen Titans, Eye Color, Sci Fi, Beautiful Eyes, Genji Shimada, Robot

The Evil Within - Ruvik, Laura Victoriano, Juli Kidman Joseph Oda, Leslie Withers and Sebastian Castellanos

Ruvik & Laura

Sebastian Castellanos, Ruvik


Sebastian Castellanos, Resident Evil, The Evil Within Ruvik, Videogames, Devil, Joseph, Brain, Fandoms, Video Games

Ruvik and Leslie

Stefano Valentini & Sebastian Castellanos & Joseph Oda & Ruvik (Ruben Victoriano) || The Evil Within

Outlast Walrider

Art, Laura, Ruvik

Eddie Gluskin & Waylon Park by Mozg

since this row is already a huge mess why not throw in some #cosplayeyes

mandalorianvows:ruvik by XhilariousX[I don't care how bad it looks on

Sebastian Castellanos & Ruvik (Ruben Victoriano) || The Evil Within

Tags: Anime, The Evil Within, Ruvik Victoriano, Burnt, Syringe, Stitched

Ruvik by T0deswunsch.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt


Bargain they are so similar to fan girls in my eyes

Stefano Valentini and Ruben "Ruvik" Victoriano//The Evil Within {Psycho Break

Ruvik and Laura

Walter Sullivan (Silent Hill 4), Ruvik (The Evil Within) and Eddie Gluskin (Outlast: Whistleblower) by liduke on DeviantArt


TEW | Sebastian and Ruvik

Sebastian and Ruvik

He's so pretty and hot! :^I

The Evil Within 2 Stefano Valentini, Sebastian Castellanos, Ruvik

Laura Victoriano, Ruben Victoriano (Ruvik), art

Sebastian and Ruvik. The Evil WithinDark ArtCreepypastaBeautiful ...

Sebastian Castellanos & Ruben Victoriano (Ruvik) || The Evil Within

Sebastian Castellanos & Ruben Victoriano (Ruvik) || The Evil Within

Ruvik, Sebastian Castellanos

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Ruvik, Leslie, Sebastian

Ruvik & Sebastian

If You Get The Chills When Listening To Music, You're An Infinitely Superior Being

The Evil Within poster art

Guess the theme: anime edition. safe head was one of the best dlc's. I kinda hope he isn't totally de Anime


Ruvik and Sebastian,【腐】ルヴィセバ落書き | 段々 [pixiv]

When I Was a Boy by UlrichRoland on DeviantArt

Ruvik, Sebastian and Stefano

Ruvik, Marcelo

Ruben / Ruvik and Sebastian, サイブレ落書5 | しゅん [pixiv]

Zerochan has 36 Ruvik Victoriano anime images, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, and many more in its gallery. Ruvik Victoriano is a character from The ...

Ruvik and Sebastian

Ruvik I'm trying to sleep go away lol

I try to draw Ruvik and Leslie ....maybe it's fail.

Ruvik in Tumblr


Sebastian Castellanos & Ruvik (Ruben Victoriano) || The Evil Within | AWESOME | Pinterest | Gaming, Video games and Assassins creed


Quinx Squad Eyes - Tokyo Ghoul:re

Stefano Valentini & Laura Victoriano & Ruvik (Ruben Victoriano) || The Evil Within

Losing Our Minds by SLawhon.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

whitechapelwitch: >>x < < - - Bloody Hands -

Ruvik, Leslie Withers

Ruvik face - The Evil Within by Linblack

the evil within art Laura Victoriano, Ruben Victoriano Ruvik . That describes Ruvik pretty much in one pic .

Sebastian and Ruvik by ASAKIchikun

Ruvik The Evil Within sunflower

Ruvik & Marcelo Jimenez

New Years Disco: Moloko "Sing it back" (UK/Ireland)

the animation is beautiful

Sebastian Castellanos & Ruvik (Ruben Victoriano) || The Evil Within

Ruvik from The Evil Within:


Doujinshi - PSYCHOBREAK (The Evil Within) / Ruvik (The Evil Within) &

Ruvik, The Evil Within

Ruvik, Sebastian, Stefano and Theodore

Ruvik - The Evil Within

sophialslab: “ got into The Evil Within with Markiplier's Let's play videos. I mean Jojo is just so cute and such good partner! (when he is not unlocking ...

Sebastian and Ruben (Ruvik) piggyback ride part pixiv artist: 蒼Fade

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