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Africa Ring with quotporcupinequot from the Akan people Gold ca 1935

Africa Ring with quotporcupinequot from the Akan people Gold ca 1935


Ghana or Ivory Coast | Ring from the Akan people; gold. ca. 1935

Ghana | Ring with "porcupine" from the Akan people | Gold | ca.

Africa | Ring from the Akan people | ca. 1900 | Gold |||

Africa | Ring from the Akan people | Gold | ca. 1930 |||

Africa | Ring, surmounted by an umbrella, stool and sword, from the Akan

Africa | Ring with entwined serpents from the Akan people of Ghana | Gold | c

Africa | Ring in the form of a crown; gold | Akan people | c

Africa | Ring with a drum from the Akan people | Gold | ca. 1930

Africa | Crown from the Akan people of Ghana | Velvet, wood and gold leaf | Early to mid 1900s

Africa | Ring in the form of a lion from the Akan people of Ghana |

Rings from the Asante people of Ghana

Akan goldweights were used as a measuring system by the Akan people of Africa…

Africa | Sword with three blades from the Akan people | Iron, wood and gold

Africa | Benfra bracelet from the Akan people of Ghana/ivory Coast | Gold |

Gold Necklace by the Akan people circa

Africa | Pendants from the Akan people of the Ivory Coast || Top) W

Face Pendant, 1900s Guinea Coast, Ivory Coast, possibly Baule , 20th century gold. African ...

Gold Starburst Ring c. 1935 from the Akan people, Africa

Africa | Currency bracelet from the Bamoun / Bamileke people of Cameroon | Used as a

Gold Weight: Mudfish Date: 18th–19th century Geography: Ghana Culture: Akan

Crown from Akan people

Africa Bracelet from the Akan people Gold ca.

African Masks, African Art, Masks Art, Ivory Coast, Gold Pendant, Ancient Art, Museum Of Art, West Africa, Ivoire

Africa | Two hollow lost wax castings in gold of flat lozenge-shaped beads (

African gold rings from the Ashanti peoples of Ghana

This stunning estate wide band ring is crafted in solid 18K yellow gold. Displaying an elegant design, this piece is centered with 52 genuine square asscher ...

Africa | Sandals from the Akan people of Ghana | Leather, wood covered goldleaf |

Pectoral disc, Asante (Ashanti), Ghana, before 1874 , cast gold.

Chunky is elegant with this stand out sculptural jewelry, made from the Akan Gold in

Ashanti People

Africa | Crown, Akan people. ca. 1940-70. Wood, fiber and gold leaf | This crown is patterned after a British royal crown and is ornamented with European ...

Sovereignty and independence[edit]

Ghana | Pendant of bead in the shape of a shell, from the Akan people

Bo nun amuin Mask 5 from the Baule peoples, Ivory coast. Wood and pigment

A deceased woman of the Fante people, Cape Coast of Ghana, 1890's. Smithsonian

Antique Nose Ring from India, with Gold, Pearls and Jadau work. 19th century. [courtesy Wovensouls collection]

Bracelet consisting of ten openwork links of gold and enamel, religious scenes , (Benedict of Nursia and educaation to Mary), by David da Costa Dias, ca.

LOBI Bronze Ring Chameleon Lizard ,Tribal Art, sculpture, African Tribal art

Young Wolof Man with Gold Ornament, Senegal.

Africa | Lost wax casting in gold of a finger-ring consisting of an oval

Africa | Bird sculpture from the Senufo people of northern Ivory Coast | Brass covered wood, fiber | 20th century

fulani horsemen | fulani people western africa woman with large gold earrings 20th .

Love this glimpse into African culture. A young Ghanaian child doing Akan Adowa dance majestically in her traditional, beautiful and colorful kente apparel.

Africa, Ivory Coast, Akan peoples Pendant 20th century Gold and silver alloy

Asante was the empire of the Akan people. It was located in the center of Kumasi and was between the coast and the inland ...

Gold Egyptian seal ring. 6th century BC

Indonesia ~ Sumatra Island, West Sumatra Province | Pair of bracelets; gold | ca

Africa | "Young Sorceress". Guere (We) people of Ivory Coast.

From the Secret Museum of Mankind Volume 2. Published 1935 | "Yuli Ikelemba girl

James Barnor - Kwame Nkrumah

State sword, Asante peoples, Ghana, Africa, 1935–1960, Iron, wood, gold leaf, ray skin, and fiber, Dallas Museum of Art, gift of Charles and Kent Davis, ...

First Anglo-Ashanti War[edit]

Some people who love vintage, ancient things, old fashioned, antique, and unique things would love this Irish wedding rings.

Fisherman pose with paddles for their fishing boats. 1900s, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa.

Nouveau Engagement Ring featuring a 0.91ct natural green colored rough diamond in 18k white gold

Hakuna Matata//Swahili symbol/The original by LindaMunequita,

Africa | "King Atah of Kyebi." Gold Coast / Ghana. Prior to


Golden Stool (Sika ɗwa) in the Ashanti Kingdom, 1935.

Africa | "3 men from the Gold Coast". Ghana. ca. prior

African tribal map of the Ivory Coast

African tribes | ASHANTI :

Circle breast plate armour

2)Mesnitu (Ethiopic) Africans

Sensuous Snake Dance of amazonian girls, Brazil ca 1935. From the book 'The

Africa | Masai woman. Kenya. ca. 1935 || Photographer unknown.

The Akan people reside in the southern regions of the former Gold Coast. African ...

Lukungu mask, Lega people of the D R Congo, ca. 1935 or earlier, made of dyed ivory.

Africa | People. Zulu woman carrying water

Africa | "King Mate Kole of East Krobo." Gold Coast / Ghana.

African farmer

The paintings below, supposedly from "The Book of Nativities' (Kitab al-Mawalid) was a five-piece astronomical work, which was translated into Arabic from ...

Indonesia ~ Aceh | Square man's ring with bevelled corners; silver, gold ||

Africa - Peul/Fulani woman with oversized gold jewelry.

Maasai woman, Kenya, ca.

Africa | Bracelet from the Akan people, Ghana or Ivory Coast | Bronze | ca

Latest studies prove AE Pharoahs Ramses and Tut were genetically black Africans - Sudan.Net Discussion Board - Main Page

His Majesty the Alafin of Oyo " by : John Howard Sanden ( American portrait artist born 1935 in Austin ,Texas )

African Masks: AFRICAN Passport Mask Vintage Dan Tribe in Ivory .

Turban Ornament (jigha) of the Maharaja of Nawanagar, circa 1907 and remodeled in White gold, set with diamonds, with modern feather plume.

Sword ornament in the form of a lion, Ghana, Nsuta, Asante peoples, c. mid-20th century, cast gold and felt. (Dallas Museum of Art)

Africa | "Femmes harratine de la vallée du Zizà Ksar-Es-Souk"

Africa | A chief (from Tutu) and his 2 wives | Gold Coast,

The Akan couple. The Akan people are predominantly in Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

Pair of Gold Sandals found on Tutankhamun's Mummy, 18th Dynasty

Africa | Kente Cloth, Ghana ~ Detail

Nigeria, Cameroon, or Zaire (Central Africa), ca.

The art of the gentleman.according to Errol B. — angryafricangirlsunited: Akan people: The Akan.

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Figure 1: Map of Ghana showing the major auriferous Akan states (Source: original

This collection of ancient gold earrings contain a representative cross-section of the goldsmithing artisan styles from most of the Near Eastern cultures ...

Gold also figures in historical accounts that report that Jewish travelers from Persia had organized exchanges of silk fabrics for gold in the kingdom of ...

Africa | Fulani of Mali

Africa | Nkporo Boys Initiation Masquerade. | Nkporo, Igbo People. Cross River…

#Akan #Ghana #IvoryCoast

African Legends African Legends

Dan women, members of the bard performance troup, Man region, Ivory Coast,